black spots on tongue astrology

A black spot on your tongue can have many meanings in astrology. It can be a spiritual message or a dangerous disease. This type of condition can also represent a lack of spiritual sensitivity. The spots will be thicker than usual and will form a wide scab. The spiritual meaning of a black spot on your tongue is to encourage spirituality.

People with black spots on their tongue are considered prophets, God’s special mouthpiece. Therefore, they must be careful with their words. The words they speak will carry an unusual amount of energy, which can bring problems forward quickly. Consequently, a person with this condition must exercise caution and seek medical advice. They may also want to drink more water or use herbal remedies such as amla or mint.

According to astrology, moles appear due to planetary positions and influence during early fetal formation. If the mole is on your right cheek, it will signify fame and money. A mole on the left side, on the other hand, will indicate difficulties in life. Moles on the tongue are considered auspicious if they’re in a right position. If they are located on the left side, they will be introverted, often quarrelsome, and will suffer health problems.

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