Julia Haart Net Worth How Expensive Julia Haart Shoes

Julia Haart Net Worth the elite group head Julia Haart Estimated Net Worth In Current Time is $8.5 Million and his husband Silvio Scaglia Net Worth Is Approx. $1 Billion.

Basically, Julia Haart Is Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, and Author Julia Was Born In Moscow April 11, 1971 At the age of 3 year of julia her parents leave Moscow and going to Texas and high schooling was done in New York.

Julia Haart Net Worth is $8.5 Million

Real NameJulia Haart
Date of Birth11 April, 1971
Citizen OfUnited States Of America
Julia Haart Net Worth$8.5 Million Approx. 2022
ProfessionAuthor, Fashion Designer ,Entrepreneur
Current LocationNew York , United States Of America
ceo ofElite Group

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