lord of each house in astrology

In astrology, the lord of each house represents the planet that rules it. For example, the lord of the House of Friendship is Uranus, who rules the social world and our connections with others. Uranus represents the unconscious urge to find individuality through groups and ties. Those who are born under Uranus’ influence are often drawn to join groups in search of that sense of self. Neptune, on the other hand, reigns over the House of the Unconscious, which is ruled by Neptune. This planet rules the imagination and influences the mystical and confusing experiences of life.

The lord of each house in astrological chart determines the person’s basic orientation in life. For instance, the 5th house is ruled by Venus, while the 7th house is ruled by Jupiter. These planets are known to govern various aspects of the horoscope. Consequently, the lord of the first house is a key planet in the person’s life.

Vedic Astrology uses 12 houses that represent a wide variety of things. These houses are often called Bhavas, and each one represents a variety of traits. The Bhavas are divided into four groups, based on their significance. In general, the houses represent hundreds of things. By analyzing the Kundali, astrologers are able to determine the characteristics of a person’s life. Strong houses in the Natal Chart indicate more positive influences on a person’s life.

In astrology, the lord of the 7th house relates to the wife, while the lord of the 12th house rules foreign lands. A woman’s wife is likely to be from a foreign land, or from a different field of work. The relationship between a wife and a husband may break up when Mars rules the 6th house. However, Venus rules the 10th house and relates to relationships.

The lord of the 11th house represents the inclination toward spirituality, which may be expressed in various careers. Careers linked with the 11th house can be seen in the context of death, as well as those that are related to the spiritual world. A native with this sign is prone to perplexity and does not display much self-confidence.

Alternatively, the lord of the ascendant may be placed in the 11th house, which indicates material wealth and a materialistic approach to life. In addition, the native with this placement is likely to have a long life and enjoy good relationships with elders. And a native with this placement may be an excellent orator or businessperson.

The lord of the 7th house is Saturn. The lord of the 7th house is the significator of the 7th house, and this placement will show whether the person has a good relationship with their mother. However, a person with this sign may not have a good relationship with their younger siblings.

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