shani drishti in astrology

The effects of Shani’s placement in a person’s natal chart can be very different depending on the sign. If Shani is in a native’s benefic house, this can be very beneficial, but if it is in a native’s malefic house, the results are bound to be more negative.

This can lead to problems in one’s personal and professional life. It can also lead to mental stress, and one’s health may not be in the best of shape. However, if Shani is in a sign that is associated with wisdom and spirituality, this planet can help balance life and provide guidance through difficult times. The planet Jupiter can also help reduce the effects of Shani on people. In addition, the last phase of Shani’s Mahadasha brings courage, and this will help in getting through difficult situations.

Saturn is considered the most powerful planet in astrology, but it can also bring hardship. While Saturn can bring wealth and fame to a native, its presence can also delay success. The influence of Saturn is so strong that it is considered the planet of justice and punishment. People born with Saturn in their natal chart may face difficulty gaining financial success, and may feel restless and strangled.

Saturn in the 10th house is associated with the native’s profession, as it is the native’s father’s house. When Saturn is in this house, the native is likely to achieve success in the professional world. Saturn is also associated with hard work and an ambitious personality, as it is the lord of two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. It can also be a hindrance in the path to success, but it can also help the native to overcome obstacles.

Shani also has a positive influence, but a negative impact on the birth chart. If the planets Saturn and Shani are in the wrong houses, the person can face severe relationship problems, financial setbacks, and problems in love. In addition, Shani can make it difficult to find happiness in life because it is associated with negative aspects. This negative influence can also bring about a person’s denial and hindrances.

The 12 houses in a birth chart are also important in identifying the roadmap for a life. The karma accumulation in each house determines a person’s calling. The free will of an individual will also decide its direction. Understanding your birth chart is essential for identifying your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your opportunities and threats.

The negative aspects of Saturn on your birth chart can affect your physical traits and temperament. Saturn in your first house can affect your discipline and strictness. If you were brought up by strict parents, you may experience this aspect.

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