what to get in rs 1 crore iphone 14 pro model

Caviar iPhone 14 Pro – What to Get in Rs 1 Crore

If you’re planning to buy an Apple iPhone 14 Pro, you’ll want to think about the price. The regular version costs around Rs 1,89,900. However, if you want to splash out even more cash, you can opt for the Caviar Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Daytona. It costs Rs 1.1 crore ($134250) and comes with luxurious materials and a Rolex timepiece. The watch that comes with it is made by the famous Swiss watchmaker, and the device’s mechanical chronograph means that it’s a real timepiece.

Caviar is known for its customised phones and Rolex-inspired models, and its iPhone 14 Pro model is no exception. The model comes with a gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch attached to its back. The watch has eight diamonds and gold accents. It’s the perfect accessory to accompany your latest iPhone. The company has developed three limited-edition models, each containing a unique combination of gold and diamonds.

The iPhone 14 is available in three storage capacities. You can choose from one hundred and twenty-six gigabytes or 512 gigabytes. The unlocked version costs Rs 79,900, while the 512 gigabyte version costs Rs 89,990. Both models are available for pre-order in September and October.

The iPhone 14 Pro features a 48-megapixel primary camera with gimbal-level Action Mode stabilisation. It also offers a larger display, a powerful battery, and a USB-C to Lightning cable that supports fast charging. You can also use any USB-C power adapter to charge the phone. However, the device does not come with EarPods.

If you want to make the investment, you can opt for the Caviar iPhone 14 Pro model. It comes with a personal certificate that confirms its authenticity. It is also backed by an international certificate of authenticity. However, the Caviar model is very expensive, costing $133,670 (Rs 1.1 Crore) in India.

The Caviar iPhone 14 Pro comes with a Rolex watch that features eight diamonds. The gold watch is made of 18 karat gold, and the gold iPhone case is made of titanium. However, it is not as expensive as the other iPhones. Besides, the Caviar model is limited to just three units.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch display, a notch on the top, and a larger battery. The rest of the device is identical to the regular iPhone 14. The top-of-the-range version comes with a 48MP main camera and a new Dynamic Island. It also has more power and a more efficient A16 Bionic chip. It also features premium build quality.

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